Sleep Tickets

We have always been enamored of Georg Trump’s Delphin face and have wanted to design a sans serif based on it. The difficult part was not making more monotone versions of the letterforms themselves, but in deciding on how much of the original details to keep. Trump’s design has very little sharpness to it, the ends of strokes are generally rounded off, many in rather unique ways. After drawing out the sans alphabet it became clear that that detail wouldn’t work very well in a monotone sans. The letterforms themselves are very crisp in form and the stroke ends worked better if they were just as crisp. Rounded ends only made the letterforms look “wormlike” and detracted from the typeface.
     There are currently two weights, but I am planning to develop a third, lighter weight as well. This is being designed as a full OpenType font with a large character set. Expected completion Spring of 2012.