ITC Oldrichium

Available from International Typeface Corp.

The Oldrichium type was inspired by the calligraphy and typefaces of the Czech type designer Oldrich Menhart. I came upon his work over a decade ago and have been collecting examples ever since. His typeface designs and spring pen calligraphy are unique although seldom seen in the United States.

The initial design of Oldrichium was developed from my own attempts to letter in a style similar to Menhart’s Manuscript type, while trying to introduce some of the exuberance and playfulness of his calligraphy.

The resulting designs proved to be unsuitable as a text types so I redesigned them, toning down some of the eccentricities and smoothing out the individual forms for more overall continuity.

Oldrichium was intended primarily as a family of text faces with an engraved version, similar to Menhart's Monument type for titling, but more energetic and calligraphic.